Welcome to the homepage of the Swiss Society for Cultural Property Protection (SGKGS)
Who are we ?

The Swiss Society for Cultural Property Protection (SSPCP)

was founded on 14 Mai 1964, ten years after the signature of the 1954 Hague Convention on the Protection of Cultural Property in times of armed conflict.

We aim at assisting Swiss Federal, Cantonal and Municipal authorities as well as private owners and organisations in charge of cultural property objects in their duty to protect the cultural heritage of Switzerland.

The society is active in all parts of Switzerland and pursues its objectives in confesssional and political neutrality.

Golden bust of the Roman
emperor Marcus Aurelius,
Avenches / Switzerland
On our homepage you will find information on

Libreray of the St.Gallen monastery
UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.

We would like to

  • promote knowledge about and pleasure of cultural property
  • sensitize a larger public for the need to protect cultural property
  • assist the authorities in instruction and training of firebrigades, armed forces, police, civil defence, safeguard of monuments, industry, construction sector and private persons
  • transmit information and consulting advices to private owners of cultural property
  • cooperate actively in international efforts to protect cultural property worldwide
We depend entirely on membership fees and donations. Please join in and support us to pursue our important work.

Interested to receive additional information? Write us a mail on info@sgkgs.ch

Thank you for your interest in our work!